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The most beautiful, terrifying opportunity for the human race


The most beautiful, terrifying opportunity for the human race

The point of life is to die the very best death possible, “death coach" Cameron Hogg tells DARREN TAYLOR. His advice? Work less. Love more. Slow down.

THE men and women of science say Covid-19 could kill about 50,000 people in South Africa by November.

We turn on our TVs to be haunted by the specter of death; presenters reading coronavirus death tolls and numbers of infections in staccato. Advertisements, politicians, doctors, even semi-naked celebrities of questionable intellect, scream at us, ‘Don’t go out, wear your masks, wash your hands,’ otherwise you could be the next statistic.

Given the above context, with one of the greatest pandemics ever to sweep the world now afflicting humankind, maybe it’s a good time to speak with Cameron Hogg… a mental healthcare professional who’s been counseling terminally ill patients, and people who feel their lives are empty, for more than 30 years...

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