SA cricket’s triumphant return to the world game: The ghosts of ...


SA cricket’s triumphant return to the world game: The ghosts of doubt put to rest

This article by MARK BEARE appeared in Vrye Weekblad in February 1992 at the start of South Africa's first Cricket World Cup tournament. A triumph over Australia suggested a great future for South African cricket. Thirty years later, it feels like the glory of that first World Cup match was a lifetime ago.

SOUTH AFRICA'S first World Cup encounter against the Australians in Sydney last Wednesday was not only historic in nature but almost epic in proportions.

Their resounding 9-wicket victory, against the odds, put paid to the naysayers and placed the team firmly on the world stage.

The one-day game reduces the differences in strength between sides. The unknown variable, the spirit which lifts or deflates a side, became almost tangible under the bright lights of the Sydney Cricket Ground and carried the South Africans beyond their opposition...

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