Zuma and the ‘CIA agent’ who never was

Zuma and the ‘CIA agent’ who never was

‘Luciano’, the ‘CIA agent’ who allegedly plotted to have Jacob Zuma prosecuted, was in fact a founder of the Scorpions and is a highly influential international business personality. From Washington, André Pienaar talked exclusively to MAX DU PREEZ.

SA-born André Pienaar has been much maligned in the country of his birth. He’s been called an evil foreign agent by former president Jacob Zuma, and been vilified by journalists as a conniving intelligence operator.

He quotes US statesman Franklin D Roosevelt when asked how he feels about this. "Judge me by my enemies," he says, "not my friends."

Pienaar is the founder and managing partner of C5 Capital, an international investment group specialising in technology. He’s a major player in cybersecurity, and in the space and nuclear power industries...

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