Women with unwavering focus


Women with unwavering focus

DEBORAH STEINMAIR lives out her darkest revenge fantasies vicariously and her avatars are fearless female vigilantes.

I READ two books in which women play the main role, and not Stepford Wives types. These are hardened murderers who do not hesitate to exact punishment. Bare-fisted vigilantes. Lady Macbeths. Les belles dames sans merci. And I stand cheering on the sidelines. What does that say about me?

Sometimes a character is created that captures the international imagination, making us wonder, making us invest emotionally. It's harder than you think to breathe life into a character like that. Stig Larsson had the ability to write characters that populate our heads, especially Lisbeth Salander. We want to know, as my grandmother would say, what happened to the poor child? For it is always the injured pigeons, the downtrodden and the broken that speak to us. Especially if they refuse to be seen as victims and exact spectacular vengeance on those who wronged them.

Lisbeth is somewhere on the spectrum, like many of us. She has no social skills. She looks like a Goth teenager with hair dyed pitch black and, of course, the dragon tattoo. She lives on frozen pizza that she warms up in the microwave, coffee and Coke. She knows mixed martial arts and thrashes men way above her weight class. She has her own moral code and it doesn't rule out murder. She prefers women but sometimes sleeps with men, such as the tormented, hot Mikael Blomkvist. Of course, she can never commit...

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