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Finds of the week

Here are some products that can make your life easier.

  • 16 June 2023
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I couldn't believe, when I saw the Bialetti at Elna's, that it wasn't an expensive Danish design by Arne Jacobsen or Georg Jensen. Immediately I wanted one too because I was recently shamed by my snobbish friends for the terrible instant coffee I make for them. 

I ordered my brass and stainless steel Venus model for R1 135 for the six-cup size from Bean There. 

I also learned in the meantime that six cups mean six small espresso cups, not mugs.


Who doesn’t have a collection of plastic cable ties in a drawer somewhere? But do you have the ultimate cable ties?

Let me introduce you to high-quality stainless steel cable ties: sleek, beautiful, practical and super strong.

The days of hiding your cable-tie construction behind a pot plant are over. Use shamelessly inside and outside the house with pride and confidence.

A pack of 100 is R399 and yes, you can go through 25 in a day easily.


I've tried making my own kombucha but have never been able to get the taste right so it doesn't taste like medicine.

This kombucha overturned all my preconceptions. It is absolutely delicious. My favorite are the two pink ones: raspberry and hibiscus and blueberry and basil. The colour just makes it feel festive.

I buy mine from Pick n Pay. It costs R49,99 there for 850ml. But you can also order it directly:


My guilty secret is midnight buying on Instagram — especially shoes and especially Birkenstocks. One night I lost my heart to green plaid slipper-like Birkies with a woolly lining. I completed the order and just as I wanted to press “Enter" for the transaction to go through, my guardian angel slapped my hand away (she and my financial adviser know each other).

This forced me to do the most selfless act I've committed in a long time: I let a friend know about the Birkenstock Zermatt Shearling Wool Felt Unisex Clogs. She ordered them and three days later it was her walking around in them, not me.

♦ VWB ♦

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