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Finds of the week

Here are some products that can enhance your life.

  • 28 July 2023
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Laureen Rossouw:

Operation Mincemeat (on Showmax) with Colin Firth and Matthew Macfayden (of Succession fame) is brilliant.

The film of just over two hours tells the remarkable true story of  two British intelligence officers whose disinformation strategy tricked German troops in World War 2.

Determined to break Hitler's grip on occupied Europe, they plan a major assault on Sicily, but must find a way to protect the giant invasion force from a possible mass slaughter...

Showmax: Operation Mincemeat

Anneliese Burgess:

A friend who was recently in Italy with me – and who shares my love for the bitter taste of Campari – introduced me to this non-alcoholic South African version of the drink. Absolutely delicious. 

They also make a non-alcoholic gin, but don't go there. It's simply terrible. A fantastic non-alcoholic gin is made by Mahala Botanicals. It's also South African, but the much-awarded spirit is in demand worldwide so it's sometimes difficult to get hold of.

Abstinence Apéritif costs R169 at Takealot.

Mahala Botanicals' gin costs R309 at Zerodrinks.

Ilse Bigalke:

It's icy cold at the moment but summer is almost around the corner, then the overheating of pets becomes a real possibility once more.

Earlier this year, during a period of sweltering days, I bought a cooling pad for my dog. It works perfectly, and at the moment you might just get your hands on a bargain.

There are many options and sizes, but mine is on sale at a 26% discount at Takealot for R351. The size is 50cm x 65cm. It is filled with cooling gel, is water resistant and easy to clean. It is suitable for the home, car, crates or kennels.

Laureen Rossouw:

During Covid, I stopped carrying a handbag and looked for something smaller to carry close my body. Something you don't have to take off and put down – a type of moonbag, but nicer and bigger.

This week, I came across this mini waterproof backpack with partitions and a USB port that you can also wear over your shoulder against your body – finally the answer to everything. I ordered the blue one from LeatherBags Cape Town for R695.

Angela Tuck:

One of my pretend personalities is that of an origami artist. It may be that I simply love Japanese origami paper for its delicate patterns, fine lines and colouring.

In my rare moments of quiet, I have made origami earrings, greeting cards and, yes, even swans. Look at these options from Takealot and pretend to be who or whatever you want in style.

The Hokusai prints with 12 different patterns (instructions for five projects included) only ship in 9-11 working days, but Japan wasn’t built in a day.

Japanese Origami Paper Pack

Origami Paper 100 sheets Hokusai Prints

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