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Finds of the week

Here are some products that can enhance your life.

  • 04 August 2023
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Laureen Rossouw:

It has always annoyed me to have to make grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches in the oven.

These reusable NoStik Toast & Grill bags can be used in your toaster, and they prevent cheese melting all over the place or your sandwiches falling apart.

The bags can be washed up to 50 times and no oil or butter is used. They cost R69 for a set of two and you can buy them online at Yuppiechef.

Ilse Bigalke:

This year's freezing winter seems to be never-ending and I have found just the right solution for those of us who work on computers full-time: gloves that cover your hands and part of your fingers. 

A set of two pairs is available at Takealot for R189.

I recently bought mine at a Woolworths sale for R119, and they have the added advantage of a “hood" that can be pulled over the uncovered part of your fingers when you're not typing away.

Anneliese Burgess:

My dahlia order is in!

This year I am adding the white-and-pink Dutch Explosion, the cheerful yellow Einzi and the Japanese-like Tsuki to my collection.

You can now pre-order your summer bulbs at Hadeco. They cost between R90 and R120 each.

Ilse Bigalke: 

The most popular documentary in July on WaterBear, the new free streaming service dedicated to nature, was Eating Our Way to Extinction, narrated by Kate Winslet.

It shows in graphic detail how far mankind will go to satisfy our cravings for meat and fish. I'm willing to bet a few bucks that people who see how many toxins and antibiotics are pumped into fish to protect fish farms (necessary because humans decimate marine species) from lice infestations and disease will never order sushi again.

On the other side of the coin are the 11 episodes of Ocean Vet. Michael Douglas narrates the story of Dr Neil Burnie, who dedicated much of his life to the protection of marine life. Burnie died at the end of filming when he rushed to the aid of local fishermen. The story of his death is depicted in the last poignant episode.

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