9 ways in which artificial intelligence can be misused


9 ways in which artificial intelligence can be misused

Weaponry: AI can take over the decision-making on everything from which targets to select for an attack, what time of day it should be launched to cause the most loss of life or emotional trauma, and which weapon will be the cheapest relative to the destruction it will cause.

Cyberattacks: AI can be used to gain unauthorised access to a large organisation's computer network then do anything from stealing sensitive information to demanding a ransom in exchange for returning the network to its owners.

Financial fraud such as identity theft, credit card fraud and the manipulation of currency or stock markets is easier than ever before because of AI.

Political propaganda and other forms of manipulation of information. AI makes it even easier to create lies or distorted truths, then make them credible with manipulated photos or videos.

Social manipulation: Before an election, AI can be used to determine what issues are likely to persuade the most people to vote for a particular party, what kind of medium will work best to convey that message, and what the content should be. Or a medicine manufacturer can use AI to create a climate that will grow the need for its product, such as inducing anxiety in targeted individuals in the hope that they will buy specific tranquillisers.

Crime syndicates can use AI for the same things as legitimate businesses: better management of logistics, inventory, production and so on. Smugglers and poachers can use AI to find the best times and routes to evade the authorities, or the best places and ways to sell their contraband. 

Virtual clones of individuals can be used for anything from identity theft to making an explicit video with actors who look like your boss, the local pastor or your ex-spouse (or all three).

AI is a powerful weapon in the hands of cyberbullies, who can use it to harass an individual or group on an unlimited scale with personal messages or harmful social media posts.

Job losses: Not really an abuse per se, but certain types of work will no longer have to be done by a real person. Will your business need a real human to answer phones in a year or three from now? Or how long before the porn industry uses virtual actors to do exactly what is asked of them, on demand, and for each individual user?

– Willem Kempen

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