15 questions for Emo Adams


15 questions for Emo Adams

The entertainer and his brother Loukmaan have just finished the stage play Two of a Kind at the Baxter Theatre. Now he is working on a TV show and a new series of Noot vir Noot. LAUREEN ROSSOUW asks the questions.


1. Describe yourself in a hashtag.


2. What do you listen to in your car?

How the children moan and scream and sing.

3. What do you read first thing every morning?

Google News, because it gives an overview of everything: sports scores, politics and everything that is going on.

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4. When did you decide to become an actor, singer and dancer?

It wasn't a decision. It came much later. I didn't even know I was one of the three … it was more of: “Hey, wait a minute, I can make money here.”

5. What kind of work do you enjoy the most?

My brain is divided into compartments. Sometimes acting, sometimes dancing, but I also like to paint the house and do woodwork or work in the soup kitchens. Depends on the season.

6. Did someone give you a break?

Everyone who saw potential in me. Not only David Kramer and the late Taliep Petersen, but also Johan Stemmet said he had noticed me for a long time to take over on Noot vir Noot. He was just waiting for the right moment. My mother, father, aunts and uncles — everyone who saw potential in me gave me a break.

7. Who and what inspires you?

That's always a lekker question. Anything and everything inspires me. I will drink coffee, then I get an idea; I'll walk down the street, then I'll get an idea.


8. The highlight of your life (not your family).

So many different highlights. My wife and I saw Bruno Mars' last show five metres from the stage. A few years into democracy we were invited to perform at Carnegie Hall. As you know, you've got to be invited, you can't just perform there, but I was invited with David Kramer and I got to walk through the streets of New York. Too many to mention.

9. Do you sometimes forget your words on stage? What do you do then?

This has never happened to me. Probably because of OCD. I like over-prepping. And maybe it will come. Who knows? You start as young stock and then you become old stock.

10. What do you find sexy?

When my wife gets into bed wearing my T-shirt.

11. Do you have pets? 

No, but my wife wants to get a puppy for the children. I don't want it. I have already learned that the dog poops everywhere and then it becomes your job to pick it up.

12. What quality in yourself do you like least?

I need to be more assertive in confronting people. I always try to keep the peace and then people walk over you. That's one of the qualities that needs to step up.


13. And what quality do you like least in other people?

That people open their mouths without thinking and vent on social media. I haven't received any negative remarks on social media per se, but what I mean is a lack of accountability, sensibility and empathy, and that they should know how their remarks affect other people. I only mention it because I'm heavy on mental health and I think we should lift each other all the time.

14. What is your guilty pleasure?

To bath. I switch off. A lekker bubble bath.

15. What does no one know about you?

That I’m actually an introvert and I don’t know how to deal with this thing.

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