From green eggs to a country superstar


From green eggs to a country superstar

Nice boxed wine, dressing tips, podcasts, underwear and a Cape art exhibition — it's all on our Fomo sapiens radar.

  • 26 January 2024
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Quote of the day

Happinesss is good health and a bad memory.
— Ingrid Bergman

New year. New you

While your goal of becoming a volunteer for Gift of the Givers may already have dampened this very dry January, remember that “charity begins at home” (Amen, says your ma). So, shift the goalposts and grow your own food from … wait for it … your own food.

These tips will make you feel so clever and thrifty that you will want to tell everyone. Or no one. From the humble tomato to strawberries to even lettuce, basil, celery, spring onions and carrots, you are now Margaret Roberts.

Just like that, via YouTube shorts.

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Who you should know about this week

Orville Peck

His name is Daniel Pitout but he is known as Orville Peck. He is a South African country singer who is a superstar in the US. Born in Johannesburg, lives in LA. He doesn't show his face in public and always wears a fringed mask. His 2019 debut album, Pony, was followed by Show Pony the following year.

He works with celebrities such as Beyoncé, Harry Styles and Diplo and is known as the cowboy of South Africa. His second studio album, Bronco, was released in April 2022.

The good news is, he still longs for South Africa, misses the wildlife and says it's the best place he's ever lived.

Listen to his beautiful voice:

And look at his “tree house in LA”.

Laureen’s list

Dressing tips for women over 50

  • Invest in a capsule wardrobe. 
  • A good tailor: clothes look better when they fit.
  • Pantsuits for more formal occasions.  
  • One or two white buttoned shirts with three-quarter or long sleeves. Avoid short sleeves at all costs.
  • A good bra or two.
  • A nice handbag.
  • A pair of white sneakers.
  • Get yourself three tight tank tops. White, black and cream to wear under shirts and with cardigans.
  • And a dark blue (or other nice) jacket — a neutral colour that goes with everything.
  • One pair of black heels — kitten heels if you can.
  • Show off your waist, no matter how big or small.
  • Keep your dress or skirt length just above or below the knee, even if you have nice legs. Never too short.
  • Loose dresses look best when they are calf length.
  • Stay away from cropped pants — they've always been a bad idea.
  • Stick to well-cut trousers and dark blue jeans (rather than light blue) with straight legs — ankle length.
  • Polka dots on blouses are classic and remain beautiful.
  • Keep black and brown colours away from the face. They are gloomy and do nothing for you. Lighter colours are better.

Listen to

Who killed JFK? on Spotify

Sixty years later, there are still new clues. By Rob Reiner and Soledad O'Brien: 10 great podcast episodes.


Doos wine

We love the concept. And Doos wine is nice too. Each box contains the equivalent of four bottles. Take your box with you to a braai, the bush or the beach. Or just sit on your porch with it.

There is a special on Batch No. 006, a blend of Syrah, Petite Sirah and Tannat. It costs R440 but if you buy two you get one free. And if you add a Doos Red (Malbec), delivery is free.

Shop the range.

Add some ice

Make 80 large solid cubes with this Snowva ice tray — made from a food-safe material. The lid prevents fridge odours and spills. Space-saving and stackable. Fits into any freezer. Works like a charm.

R299 from Outdoor Warehouse.

Shake your Boody

Boody is an Australian sustainable clothing brand that makes everyday basics, and it is now available in South Africa. It uses a fabric that blends two organic and sustainable yarns to create an active, lightweight, natural, sustainable, breathable and super-soft material. We especially love the underwear for women (and these lounge pants with the super-flattering wide waistband). 

Shop the whole range.

Big little recipe

Our cookbook of the week is Taco-Tastic by Victoria Elizondo. With these mini wraps, now available at Pick n Pay, tacos are a quick solution for an any-time-of-the-day meal in the Fomo sapiens kitchen.

Two great ideas we've tried are Papas a la Mexicana con pancetta (crispy fried potato pieces with pancetta or bacon) and Huevos verdes (green eggs): Mix eggs with a bunch of green stuff (spring onions, jalapeño chillies, coriander). Simmer spinach in the pan until cooked then add the green egg mixture. Heat the wraps in a pan, fill with the egg and serve with chopped avocado. Drizzle with chilli oil or chilli crisp (different versions are available everywhere these days, but we especially like the Asian Chilli Szechuan Pepper Oil from Woolworths).

Health tip

The benefits of Epsom salt

Relax the natural way with Epsom salt (also known as magnesium sulphate). This household product that we all grew up with is much more than just a beauty treatment and pampering remedy; it also has many health benefits.

Pour a cup of Epsom salt into your bath. It not only relieves stress, muscle pain and inflammation but increases the production of serotonin and improves blood circulation. The rich magnesium content contributes to deep relaxation and a good night's rest. Some spas now offer a flotation therapy session with Epsom salt. It is also prescribed at certain health resorts as a purgative (2-6 teaspoons of Epsom salt dissolved in a glass of water).

If you’re in the Cape ...

Watch ROU 2 at the Theatre Arts in Observatory on February 11 (8pm). This is a performance with Nabonke/Tossie van Tonder and Francois le Roux/HA!Man.

Then there is a solo exhibition, Mirror, by Adele van Heerden at 131 A Gallery, 131 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock. The opening is at 1pm on February 3 and it lasts until March 1. Paintings of Cape Town's iconic swimming pools explore the interplay between water and light. In addition to her signature colour pencil, ink and gouache on film technique, Mirror also introduces monotypes, printed with Georgina Berens at Loft Editions, and Van Heerden's first lithograph with Stephen Inggs at the Print Kitchen.

Above left: Adele van Heerden. © TABITHA GUY Right: "Flowstates", Watercolour Monotype on Fabriano Tiepolo 290 gsm, 100 x 70.5cm, 2023.
Above left: Adele van Heerden. © TABITHA GUY Right: "Flowstates", Watercolour Monotype on Fabriano Tiepolo 290 gsm, 100 x 70.5cm, 2023.

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