15 questions for Hannon Bothma


15 questions for Hannon Bothma

Where does the name ‘Hannon' come from and what are his skin secrets? LAUREEN ROSSOUW asks the questions.


1. How did you start?

As a little boy, I went with my mother to Ophelia's Hair Salon in Vryburg, where I sat cross-legged on the ground before her. I was fascinated with the transformation of the aunties when they came out of those cocoon hair dryers, so I have been fascinated by beautification and transformation since I was a child.

My career began when I enrolled at the Cape Technical College for hairdressing and cosmetology after my military service while also doing an apprenticeship. I wanted to enter the fashion world, so I went to the Cape Argus and magazines, offering my services as a make-up artist and hairstylist for free as long as they published my name.

So, when I opened my first salon at 25 in Sea Point, I was already published and many beauty editors already knew me. Women's organisations and some clients recognised my name and asked me to give talks. I got a lot of applications and decided to do it full-time instead. So, I started to offer functions and did training at cosmetic houses all over the country and in Belgium. There, I realised I am an excellent salesman because I had to spot people's appearance challenges and offer them practical solutions by prescribing products. At that point, I thought that to supplement my income I should have a product. Thus, my first product, the Moisture Seal, was born and is still among my bestsellers. You spray it over your make-up to stay beautiful and last 10 hours.

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2. Where does the name Hannon come from?

In standard 9, we were friends who gave each other strange names. My birth name is Johannes. Hannon is a derivation of John in Hebrew, and Hannon is Joghannon. Everyone started calling me Hannon from then on.

3. What do you look at first when you meet someone?

I look for the most beautiful qualities. To make someone look their best, you have to emphasise the good qualities and hide the less beautiful qualities a little. For example, if someone does not have a nice figure, emphasise the hairstyle, interesting makeup or interesting glasses.

4. What does your morning routine look like?

I have a very rigid routine. I set my alarm clock for four o'clock every morning. Then I go to the bathroom and do some Bible study or listen to a sermon on YouTube, shave, and then I want to go to the gym at the latest ten past five. I train until just after seven because I want to be in the office by eight.

5. Do you follow a special diet, and what is it?

If you are hungry or get hungry during the day, you will buy unhealthy food, so I prepare a few day's worth of food at home. A typical meal would be broccoli with fish or ostrich mince; of course, I spice it up with curry and goodies. For dinner, I like something not too heavy. My secret to maintaining my weight: I wouldn't say I like to eat after seven o'clock in the evening. But I have a sweet tooth and won't say no to a delicious piece of cake or a glass of rosé. I don't hold back in the holidays.

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6. Your biggest beauty secret?

I don't necessarily use many products but have a daily beauty routine. I cleanse my skin twice a day. In the morning, I use a toner and a serum with a sunscreen moisturiser, and in the evening I use a night cream. Of course, I use products that combat hair loss every day. The secret is that doing it every day keeps your skin youthful and optimally healthy.

7. What can't you live without?

I have friends, family and colleagues who I can use as a sounding board to share my ideas with and listen to their feedback. I am always looking for a witness to my life. I can't imagine a life without the Lord in your heart.

8. Vitamin C serum and retinol? What do you think?

Both are powerful ingredients in skin care. Vit C, an excellent skin antioxidant, can be used by all skin types for your morning routine if you struggle with uneven complexion. It will also protect you from the ultraviolet rays during the day. You will use retinol in the evening. for example, if you struggle with uneven texture, because when you sleep it will stimulate your skin and help stimulate collagen production. People with eczema cannot use retinol. If I had to choose, I'd take Vit C.

9. What supplements can you recommend?

Every morning, I take a magnesium tablet. I also have a product I  developed, Hannon slimming cappuccino, that contains dark cocoa bean powder. It has a positive effect on your mood and it makes you lose weight. And then anyone over 30 should also look into collagen supplements. They're a long-term investment in your health and appearance.

10. Do you believe in plastic surgery? 

It depends on how much time and money you have. Bags under the eyes or excess skin, get it cut out. If it can make you look more rested, I say yes.

11. Botox or fillers? And why?

I see the benefit of both of these. Botox is a procedure that inhibits muscle contraction. For example, one would use Botox for frown lines or deep lines under your eyes. Also, as an option against headaches, you can get a Botox injection in the neck, or for someone who sweats a lot, you can get a Botox injection to deactivate the sweat glands under the arm.

Botox gives a smoother effect but cannot cancel out deep lines, such as the hollows under your eyes or the marionette lines that connect the wings of your nose to your mouth — you need filler to plump them up. There are many fillers; some are thinner and others are thicker, depending on how deep the surgeon injects them.

A new trend is lip fillers but they can quickly go wrong and make some women look like Donald Duck. You can also use fillers to build up your cheekbones. My last advice is: stay with the same doctor who plans your treatment path.

12. What non-invasive treatment  would you recommend?

I developed a Hannon age-raising chemical peel, a salon treatment that peels off the top layer of your skin within a day and gives it a smoother texture. It also helps to stimulate collagen production.

For sagging skin, there is threading. A surgeon threads wires through your skin to lift it. After a while, the braces dissolve and form collagen and scar tissue in your skin. It is trendy for lifting sagging cheeks or loose neck skin. It is even used to lift buttocks and breasts.

Fat freezing involves freezing stubborn fat you don't like, such as under your chin or around your waist. After a few treatments, this fat will reduce and disappear.

13. If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?

My metabolism, my glasses and my grey hair.

14. What treatment would you never have done? 

Facial lift for men. A man's face tightens in a different way and looks funny and unnatural, but women can still get away with it.

15. Your favourite holiday? Where and why?

A lazy, unpretentious holiday on Skiathos. Sommer for a month. I make friends with everyone, and late in the afternoon all the old aunties come, and they bring delicious food that they made for me. I cut their hair and make them pretty. If I go back now, everyone will know and remember me.

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