15 questions for Casper de Vries


15 questions for Casper de Vries

The brilliant comedian has been on the sidelines for two years due to ‘a cruel form of everyday tick bite fever', but after treatment he believes he will be the old Casper once more. LAUREEN ROSSOUW asks the questions.


1. Describe yourself in a hashtag.


2. What do you read first thing every morning?

News on the internet  (BBC, CNN, ABC, etc.)

3. What were you like as a kid?

An afterthought, a spoiled brat, but also quite well-behaved at school. I was a prefect, for example.

4. How would you describe your style?

International adult comedy in Afrikaans.

5. What is your guilty pleasure?

Stella Artois.

Lees hierdie artikel in Afrikaans:

6. What quality do you like least in other people?


7. What do you regret?

That I was too afraid to stand up for what I believed in. But it was hard when you were young at that time.

8. What do you never want to relive?

Military service.

9. The best present you have received?

My mum's Dutch passport.

10. What can't you live without?

Wikipedia (internet).


11. Is there a character you created that you would do differently now; and who is your favourite character?

Patience the whore; Greetje Appelmoes.

12. What do you find sexy?

A beautiful voice.

13. What did your parents teach you?

To be honest.

14. If you could only mix with people younger than you or older than you, which would you choose?


15. What are you looking forward to?

Eurovision — in May every year.

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