From ‘situationships’ to 2024 travel trends


From ‘situationships’ to 2024 travel trends

The Fomo Sapiens team dug deep once more for holiday, food, movie, relationship and exercise tips.

  • 16 February 2024
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Quote of the week

What is a situationship?

The Gen-Zs know but do you?

A situationship is similar to a friends-with-benefits relationship, which usually involves sexual activity without a commitment to be exclusive. A situationship is often described as a relationship that is more than friendship but less than a committed relationship. It's a thing.

Six signs of a situationship according to InStyle magazine.

  1. Things don't progress.
  2. You are not integrated into each other's lives. 
  3. You don't go on dates.
  4. Plans are inconsistent and not made in advance.
  5. There is no talk about the future.
  6. There is no concrete proof you're a couple.

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Simple recipe

A delicious way with tofu.


Lover, Stalker, Killer (new on Netflix)

This docu-thriller is based on a real-life drama about the nightmare that unfolds for a car mechanic who uses a dating app (Plenty of Fish) for the first time. The consequences are almost unimaginable.

Dave Kroupa from Omaha, Nebraska tells the story of how he ended up in a love triangle after starting casual relationships with two women, Liz Golyar and Cari Farver. One of them terrorised him for four years afterwards, sending thousands of threatening e-mails from dozens of phones. There was a fire in which one of the two women's pets burned to death — and a murder. But viewers are left in the dark almost until  the end about the perpetrator's identity.

“She ruined my life,” Kroupa said afterwards in an interview with People. “As much as you can without actually killing me.”

Travel trends for 2024

How and why we travel looks different from 20 years ago, when people tried to fit as many attractions as possible into each holiday. Nowadays we travel for experiences and interests, for proactive holidays, long walks, stargazing or expeditions. Foodies visit epicurean destinations and friends tour together and spend a few weeks on islands. Here is our pick of 10 trends from Conde Nast Traveler.

# 1 Astrotourism

Astrotourism involves travelling with the aim of seeing astronomical phenomena — disappearing to lands devoid of pollution, crowds and traffic where you can focus solely on the skies and while away hours gazing at stars, planets and constellations.

#2 Home-swapping

Increasingly, discerning travellers are looking to stay away for longer stretches, while the rise of remote jobs means working and living abroad has never been more appealing. Enter home-swapping: the perfect solution to guarantee yourself a free home abroad while you offer up your own in exchange for weeks or even months at a time.

#3 Train stations are the new food destinations

Train stations are being revamped, with bespoke food and drink offerings as an integral part of the redesign.

#4 Sports tourism

Increasingly, travellers are planning trips that hinge on seeing games, races and other activities in exotic locales — and extending trips on either side to see the sights. Little events known as the Olympic and Paralympic games anchor the 2024 sports calendar. They begin in Paris in late July and run until early September, during which time more than a million sports tourists are expected to check in across the French capital.

#5 Coolcations

For many people, summer holidays used to be about following the sun and hitting the beach. With recent years' intense, record-breaking temperatures, however, many are considering travelling in the opposite direction: booking “coolcations" in temperate destinations, which also benefit from being less crowded.

#6 Peak season gets the cold shoulder

There’s been a dramatic recent increase in shoulder season travel to Europe’s most popular destinations.

#7 Private group travel

Friends or family embark on a shared holiday experience.

#8 Train travel gets glam

Rising climate consciousness has fuelled a rail travel revival and the luxury train niche is reaching new heights of popularity, extravagance and ambition. Travel booking platforms report growing demand for luxury rail trips, where the journey is the destination. 

#9 Wild feasting

Wild feasting describes the trend for beautifully curated culinary experiences in natural environments, incorporating hyper-local and foraged ingredients.

#10 Plan-free travel

Saying no to planning every second of a trip and saying yes to spontaneity instead.


What we eat at certain times can affect how our bodies work. Here are tips we've picked up:

  • Apples for breakfast
    They stimulate bowel movement.
  • Tomatoes for breakfast
    They improve digestion and accelerate the metabolism. 
  • Yoghurt for dinner
    It helps with faster digestion and curbs late-night snack cravings.
  • Bananas for lunch
    They strengthen the immune system and improve the skin.
  • Oranges for snacking
    They improve digestion and and accelerate the metabolism.
  • Nuts for lunch
    They lower blood pressure and are beneficial for heart health. But in moderation — nuts are high in calories.

Quip of the week

“I hear Taylor Swift’s boyfriend’s football team is playing at the Usher concert this weekend.” (Also read ‘A couple bigger than the Super Bowl – and Trump’.)

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