Saffers get high as a kite and whitefaced


Saffers get high as a kite and whitefaced

The Fomolistas also consider Bill Gates's rules for life and English words that have weaselled their way into Afrikaans.

  • 31 May 2024
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South African Joshua Emanuel holds the world record for the highest kite surf jump — an incredible 36.2 metres in the North Sea near Hanstholm, Denmark, riding the newly unveiled CORE XR Pro 7m kite.

White face

A South African cast is making waves on the New York theatre front.  New York Magazine has listed the play Dark Noon as one of the highlights of the season, saying: “South African actors are building a western town and wearing whiteface at St Ann’s [Warehouse] in Dark Noon, hell yes. Also, it clocks in at 100 minutes, thank you."

The play, a collaboration between Danish director Tue Biering and South African choreographer Nhlanhla Mahlangu, was a hit at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe. Dark Noon looks at American westward expansion through the fractured prism of Hollywood westerns. The cast of South African actors, often wearing blonde wigs and white face paint, reenact this brutal slice of the US history textbook

Lees hierdie artikel in Afrikaans:


More a case of what's back than what's new:

The eat-as-much-as-you-want buffet is making a comeback. Anneliese says she sees it popping up everywhere on food media. Not quite cool yet, but watch this space. The unthinkable is on its way again.

And another spine-chiller, this time from the Spanish cult shoe brand Camper — in dark purple, nogal.

Laureen says that if her negative reaction is so strong, you can be sure it's a big new trend that is breaking through. “I've never been able to do anything dark purple."

But here it is: unapologetically bold and brimming with self-confidence.

Are you ready for this jelly?

From home decor to couture, the jellyfish look is bubbling from the sea. Gen Z and millennials are driving this weird and squishy aesthetic that is moving boundaries. The Fomolistas say: bring it on.


#1 Classic Travel French Press from Stanley. We love this. It works like a classic plunger but doubles as a travel mug. It is basically indestructible and perfect for chucking into a travel bag. R999 at Yuppiechef.

#2 We are intrigued by the BraaiPlank Hammer Forged Butcher Knife we discovered this week. It's a samurai-meets-boerebraai fabulousity on special for R799. 

#3 We are blown away by some of the new pieces in Big Blue's decor range. First up is their new enamelled functional art range. We love this country jug-inspired vase, crafted in aluminium, then powder coated and fired at extreme temperatures for a flawless finish. It brings a unique and contemporary edge to your interior. R495.

We are also lusting after these curvy candle holders in pink and a lovely egg-meets-ocean blue for R395. And these deco vases. Once again, the blue is a standout. R850.

A healthy life

Bill Gates's nine rules of life

  1. Talk slowly
  2. Observe more
  3. Speak less
  4. Trust no-one
  5. Always prioritise your health
  6. Never stop self-educating
  7. Control your ego and your anger
  8. Smile more and stop worrying
  9. Family over everything

Heart, gut and lung health

According to this article in The Telegraph, the advantages of your everyday cup of tea include cancer-fighting properties and improved heart and gut health.

How to look after your lungs for life — from avoiding mould to stopping smoking (no surprises there).

What you want to know 

A safe taxi shuttle for women (by women)

This one is in Cape Town. (Let us know if you have similar services elsewhere in Mzansi.) Catch-a-Ride CT is a shuttle service using licensed and insured vehicles, run by an ex-policewoman.
Call  065 276 5979 to make a booking. 

Last word

Quote of the week

From our Creepy Dictionary 

English words that have found their way into Afrikaans (we are not entirely immune to an ironic use of these creepy titbits).

  • peeps
  • warm fuzzies
  • lovies
  • blessings
  • strongs
  • prezzy
  • cozzy
  • veggies
  • bestie
  • congrats
  • pics
  • chatsies
  • okey dokey
  • girlie
  • boobies
  • totes
  • amazeballs
  • fab

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