The state of black education in SA is a crime


The state of black education in SA is a crime

The way ANC governments have messed up and neglected the education of particularly black children since 1994 is akin to a crime against humanity, a judgment that is rightly also passed on apartheid, writes MAX DU PREEZ.

THE failing education system is now the primary driver of the dangerous and growing inequality in South Africa, especially as the education of white and Indian learners is still of a high quality.

We now have an entire generation of young people who are semi-literate, too poorly educated to escape the trap of chronic poverty and without any hope of meaningful participation in the economy.

Today, millions of black South Africans under the age of 25 sit around idly at home in townships, squatter camps and traditional areas —  fertile breeding grounds for social and personal problems and a recipe for future instability...

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