Let’s put loyalty to the ANC in perspective


Let’s put loyalty to the ANC in perspective

PIET CROUCAMP asked four authoritative political analysts a question that puzzle many South Africans: why does the ruling party retain voters' loyalty despite its rotten performance, and are there viable alternatives to the ANC?

WHY do South Africans still vote for the ANC in significant numbers despite allegations and evidence of corruption, the collapse of service delivery and the often complete absence of the state experienced by most poor citizens?

Well, perhaps the state is not as absent as we would instinctively like to think. Government grants, low-cost housing, access to water, free education and the funding of tertiary education are all a reality for millions of South Africans.

Following readers' criticism of my opinion of DA leader John Steenhuisen's “moonshot pact", I asked two questions to four authoritative political analysts, all of whom use data to make their inferences: (a) Why do people still vote for the ANC? and (b) What alternatives do South Africans have who have traditionally voted ANC and since defected, but who would rather abstain from voting than vote for someone else?..

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