Debate | Yes, it does matter how we think about race


Debate | Yes, it does matter how we think about race

Black people are responsible for the state the country is in, just as whites were to blame for apartheid, writes IKE BOSS. No, says MAX DU PREEZ, you have to take a different approach.

Despite my comfort with Afrikaans, I think in English and I think best when I write, hence this letter to an Afrikaans publication drafted in English.

On May 8, an interesting series of comments were attached to editor Max du Preez’s almost innocuous Wanneer royals meer boei as rugby ( royals are more captivating than rugby).

Barry Taylor wrote: “Dit is die beleid van die afrikaan om alles wat gewerk het of te vernietig of te steel.” (It is the policy of the African to either destroy or steal everything that has worked.)..

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