What will Geordin do about JP?


What will Geordin do about JP?

The taxi strike in the Cape Metro is officially over, but ALI VAN WYK is keen to see how the underlying dynamics will play out.

WITH the Santaco taxi strike, which is severely crippling the Cape economy, a strong difference in emphasis has emerged for the first time in the approaches of the young Cape Town mayor, Geordin Hill-Lewis, and his mayoral committee member for safety and security, JP Smith.

The dynamic situation and pressure from all sides is evolving into Hill-Lewis' biggest test yet.

The 52-year-old Smith is a veteran of many battles and someone who sharply divides opinions. One section of the Cape public holds him in high regard as the last bastion of law and order, and that's more or less how he views himself. But another part of the public — and you can certainly include all the taxi associations in this — sees him as a bully and protector of only the middle and upper classes' social and economic interests...

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