15 questions for Algria


15 questions for Algria

She thinks Pamela Anderson looks fantastic without make-up and that bone structure and a good skin make all the difference. The award-winning makeup artist talks everything from skin care products to cosmetic surgery with LAUREEN ROSSOUW.


1. Make-up or no make-up?

The new trend of women not wearing make-up definitely made its appearance after Covid because there was much less socialising and women began to pay much more attention to their skins. I think celebs like Lauren Hutton, Drew Barrymore and young influencers like Hayley Bieber and Gigi Hadid who go through life with minimal makeup are the new role models and precursors of the trend of faces free of make-up. It has been around for quite some time and probably started with the popularity of Korean beauty ranges in which the emphasis is not on make-up but on super-healthy, glowing skin. I have been a proponent of it all my life.

2. How did you start?

My first big breakthrough was definitely when, after some time in New York, I went to see Rose Bruins, the beauty editor of Fairlady, with my portfolio. She was the best beauty editor and make-up artist in the country at the time and made up all her models herself for every article she wrote. She took pity on me and booked me for a whole week — no payment, just the fact that my name and phone number would appear in the magazine. That Fairlady appeared and after that I worked for every other publication [with articles on beauty] on the shelves. I still love making people not only look more beautiful, but feel more beautiful.

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3. Cosmetic surgery?

“I would not chase a wrinkle, I would not chase a line, I would even out the skin tone.” This statement by one of the top plastic surgeons in the world is definitely my mantra. We have the best weapon under our fingers: our skins. Care for and protect it and you never have to wear make-up if you don't want to.

4. Botox? Filler? Yes or no and why?

Botox: definitely a yes for me. I Botox my forehead at least twice a year and the difference is huge when I look at photos where I'm standing and painting (I look so much better without the frown).

Filler: never say never. I don't have it done and see too many women who all look like avatars (too much filler in their cheeks, lips that curl and eyes that become narrow). There are a few plastic surgeons whose work I can clearly recognise, because it is so subtle that only a very trained eye will notice it. If I ever consider filler, it might be next to my temples where time, regardless of how well your skin is cared for, leaves its mark in the shape of a hollow.

5. What non-invasive treatment would you recommend?

Fraxel laser is one of the most amazing treatments for skin rejuvenation and improving skin texture. According to dermatologist Dr Ean Smit it is the best skin treatment on the market that delivers results you can see immediately.

6. The best mascara on the market?

Hourglass, available from Muse Beauty Online and Diorshow's Backstage Mascara.

7. And lipstick?

Any lipstick that makes you feel good and happy. It is true that if the skin is slightly pink, a red lipstick can emphasise the pink undertone. Lips lose volume with time and there may also be lines around the mouth, in which case glitter lipstick should be avoided. It can make the lip line appear uneven if the light catches it in a certain way.

8. Foundation? Is there a difference between a foundation for young and old skin?

The same foundation rules apply to people of all ages.

I've never applied foundation in my life and probably never will, so sunscreen is the one product I can't live without. And yes, I prefer the luxury ones, but I use La Roche-Posay a lot — probably one of the best sunscreens on the market.

Gucci Westman's is a famous American make-up artist and founder of Westman Atelier. Her Skincare Complexion Drops are more skin care than foundation and I use them daily on shoots where I want the skin to look just like healthy skin. They even out skin tone, have long-term benefits and are 100% natural and vegan (available at Skins in the V&A Waterfront and in Johannesburg and Durban).

Image: © TABO

9. Talk to us about eyebrows.

Maybe I'm not the best person to give an opinion here — I was born with pure white eyebrows and eyelashes and don't mind them being blonde, so I don't dye them. There are several serums that definitely plump up the brows, for example Rapidbrow — I see the results on a lot of people I make up. It initially appeared on the market  as a product for people with glaucoma, then it was realised that the eyelashes of all patients using the drops became more lush. Soon RapidLash appeared on the shelves and shortly afterwards RapidBrow. I don't believe in microblading the eyebrows. It looks completely unnatural most of the time.

10. Collagen or not?

I don't think the intake of collagen really makes a difference to the skin. It's probably good for you (they say it's scientifically proven) but my skin was unchanged after a whole course of collagen.

11. What cleaning products would you recommend?

Skinceuticals is probably one of the best skincare ranges on the market and the same applies to its cleansing products (for face wash and exfoliation). Years of research have gone into them and the ingredients are active. The cheaper version of the same type of product is probably The Ordinary, available from ARC.

12. Cleansing routine?

I believe in the following beauty routine: the skin should be sparkling clean, followed by a vitamin C serum (at least 15%), then a good moisturiser of your choice and then sunscreen. In the evening the same routine, but the vitamin C should be replaced with retinoid. Exfoliation about three times a week is important to get rid of dead skin. Men and women should follow the same skin routine.

13. Grey or colour?

For me it's more about the fact that the colour of the hair should complement the colour of the skin.

14. The best-kept secret in the business?

The sexy little line drawn inside the upper eyelid — it makes the lashes look more lush (even my blonde lashes), accentuates the eye colour and makes the wearer instantly sexy. I think I'm secretly a wannabe rock star, and as soon as I draw my line and apply my mascara I feel fabulous. But then I'm just as comfortable with my white eyelashes and white eyebrows and a shiny skin.

15. What treatment would you never consider?

Threading [a specialist technique to remove facial hair with thread instead of tweezers]. I see too many horrible results under my brushes.

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