Special Forces ‘fed up’ with protecting Zuma


Special Forces ‘fed up’ with protecting Zuma

His life is in danger every day, former president Jacob Zuma told the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture shortly after arriving at the venue. He was accompanied by a blue-light brigade of eight expensive state vehicles with body guards. Not only is he being guarded by the presidential protection unit, but also by 14 fully trained Special Forces operators. Now the members of this unit are getting fed up with this “deployment”, reports ERIKA GIBSON.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an English translation of a Vrye Weekblad article offered to readers for their convenience.

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RECENTLY, there was a plot to kill him inside a stadium, he has been poisoned and there was even a plan to use suicide bombers to kill him, said Jacob Zuma. And someone had called his personal assistant with another assassination threat even after he had started testifying..

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