Cormac McCarthy and a venomous violence


Cormac McCarthy and a venomous violence

MERCIA S BURGER has struggled for years to read a book by Cormac McCarthy. They were dust magnets on her bookshelf, every single one. But when two new publications of his appeared in 2022, FOMO made her try again.

CORMAC McCARTHY turns ninety this year. He wears cowboy boots, plays a mean bluegrass on his guitar – a rhythm also present in his writing style – and always sits with his back to his study window when he's working.

He grants few interviews, does no book launches or readings, does not teach at universities, and does not write reviews. Moreover, he tells Oprah, he doesn't really care if people read his books or not, lounging low in his armchair like a sleepy grey cat. “You are a different kind of author," she laughed, rolling her eyes a little.

He lives in the desert landscape of New Mexico, where he is a researcher and writer-in-residence at the Santa Fe Institute. Here, experts from various disciplines as diverse as physics, neurology, literature, philosophy and economics work together to formulate large cosmological questions about the “beauty and madness in art and science". ..

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