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Finds of the week

Here are some products that may enhance your life.

  • 11 August 2023
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Laureen Rossouw:

It was the pretty packaging that convinced me to take this gift, which looks like it was imported from the south of Spain, to a dinner date — even though I didn't know what was inside. 

When we opened it, we found a delicious sculpted fruit preserve served with blue cheese. Dulce del Cabo is the perfect cheese board centrepiece.

Also, it is produced locally by Thorne & Stewart and is already available at 30 delis. To name a few: Olive Branch Deli and Giovanni’s (Cape Town); Tashas and Service Station (Johannesburg); Good General Store (Stellenbosch); and Sprigs (KwaZulu-Natal). 

It comes in three flavours: spiced pear, spiced quince and spiced plum. And in three sizes from R60 to R180. 

Angela Tuck:

If you have storage issues, such as finding the jersey which has fallen to the back of a piled-high shelf, here is a good-looking solution without having to sell your puffer jacket.

Introducing see-through shelf dividers from Gelmar. Use them for clothes or craft supplies. Or, if you’re me, add them to your fridge for more organised displays. Thank me later.

Ilse Bigalke:

Ants have a way of invading your house without rhyme or reason, and  insecticides often have little effect.

Miraculous Insecticide Chalk is almost like a secret family recipe — we've been using it for years.

It used to be available in spaza shops and a few other outlets, but I did an internet search and found that Makro sells it for R47 and Builders for R59.

It looks like blackboard chalk and you just draw a line on the wall or floor … and there you go.

Angela Tuck:

Pimping a tired kas (or any sad thing, come to think of it) makes me feel like a superstar. Gelmar is the place for simple, well-designed finds that you can afford.

Gold finish, my people … and if you don’t like the shiny look, grab some spray paint while you’re there (read the label) or look at the wooden options. And then enjoy the gratitude of the once-tired kas. Try the trident legs (R35 each) or strip handles (R28 each).

Laureen Rossouw:

These environmentally friendly, high-quality, soft silicone gloves can be sterilised in your dishwasher, microwave or boiling water and work like a charm.

They are available at Takealot for R199 and are resistant to temperatures between –40ºC and 200ºC.

The gloves can be used for cleaning almost anything: from vegetables and fruits to toilets, tiles, cupboards, sinks and your car. They're even effective for a dog massage or to pick up dog and cat hair.

Best of all, they're not creepy because they can be sterilised.

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