‘The shit of censorship’: Anton Kannemeyer on art and curators


‘The shit of censorship’: Anton Kannemeyer on art and curators

The artist talks to ELSABÉ BRITS about satire, competing liberals, creatives who conform and the burning of paintings. And he says censorship will eventually bite its perpetrators on the bum.

AT 50, Anton Kannemeyer is still as adamant about his art — and the right to challenge other people to think more deeply — as when he was a student. The difference is, these days there is a resistance to satire.

It began to mount against Bitterkomix, Kannemeyer (also known as Joe Dog) and Conrad Botes' publication. Not only against these enigmatic and challenging comics, but also against the wider brand established in South Africa.

“Internationally, it started shortly after the attacks on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on 7 January 2015," says Kannemeyer. “It was an absolute turnaround worldwide. At first everyone was ‘je suis Charlie', but it only lasted for about two months."..

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