Madonna: The Maggie Thatcher of postmodernism


Madonna: The Maggie Thatcher of postmodernism

ANDREA VINASSA, die baanbrekende ‘bevelvoerder van die kulturele vleuel' van die oorspronklike Vrye Weekblad, is dié week op 61-jarige ouderdom oorlede. Hier is een van haar tipiese artikels: ’n essay oor Madonna se 1992-boek, Sex. Dit was te hard vir sag en te sag vir hard, skryf sy.

  • 21 Mei 2021
  • Mense & Kultuur
  • 11 min om te lees
  • artikel 16 van 30
  • Andrea Vinassa

CONTRARY to all expectations, Madonna's latest offering is not doing great business in the United States. This is not surprising, since no self-respecting pornaficionado would buy Madonna's playful, smut-free frolic through the sexual netherworld. Some say “she's gone too far", others say “she hasn't gone too far".

There's more pussyfooting than pussy in Sex. The images contained between the two sheets of aluminium have the appearance of pornography, but not the effect of pornography. They come across as passionless, stylised and sanitised. On initial viewing, Madonna's wet dream is infuriatingly tame and disturbingly slavish in its observance of rituals of porn.

Madonna's conception of sexuality as embodied in Dita, the devoted nymphomaniac persona created for the occasion, is silly. But then again, she could just be parodying the ridiculous convention foisted on us by the male creators of the porn industry...

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