Beyond good or bad, better or worse, it is hope that has been...


Beyond good or bad, better or worse, it is hope that has been destroyed

The ANC of Mandela to Mbeki gave the country hope. Zuma killed it. The condition of state and society now means South Africans are almost condemned to hope, writes ISMAIL LAGARDIEN.

THERE have been several responses to the question put by Jonathan Jansen:  ( you better off now than under apartheid?

Most insist that our past was a horrible place (it was), that we are in a better place today (we are), and accuse Jansen of being either malicious, misguided, selective, a racist with a history of bending over backwards to accommodate white people ( – or all of the above.

Jansen’s was a type of trap question that conveniently conceals complexity, inferential knowledge or information (full information or better knowledge can alter responses) and solicits crude and terribly vituperative responses, as the evidence has shown. ...

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