The breathtaking ‘revelations’ of Survé’s media mob


The breathtaking ‘revelations’ of Survé’s media mob

In the first part of our investigation into Independent Media, JACQUES PAUW looked at how Iqbal Survé bought a respected newspaper house and turned it into a mouthpiece for his failing business empire. We now analyse the role of Survé's discredited band of journalists in the campaign to unseat Cyril Ramaphosa and boost the image of the ANC's radical economic transformation (RET) cabal.

IT'S April 2019, and Independent Media owner Iqbal Survé testifies before the commission of inquiry into the Public Investment Corporation (PIC). He is asked about an article in the Sunday Times and says: “Does anybody believe the Sunday Times? They have been so discredited in every possible respect. With the Cato Manor death squads, the SARS rogue unit, etcetera.”

Why, then, did Survé appoint Piet Rampedi and Mzilikazi wa Afrika to top positions at his newspapers just days before making this statement – especially since their careers had been defined by their SARS rogue unit reporting?

Announcing Rampedi's appointment as an editor at the Sunday Independent, the company described him as a former CNN African Journalist of the Year, which was not true. His employer also claimed he was the Vodacom Journalist of the Year in 2010 and 2016. Again, a lie...

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