Rebuilding trust, building bridges: The new vision for the...


Rebuilding trust, building bridges: The new vision for the Stellenbosch convocation

Rudi Buys is the new vice-president of Stellenbosch University's convocation of 230,000 members. ANNELIESE BURGESS spoke to him about the tremendous mistrust between the convocation and university structures, the ‘symbolic and ethical' discussion around the rector, SU as a bridge builder, and how a more diverse and active convocation can help to determine the university's vision

Why did you decide to run for the executive board of the convocation of Stellenbosch University (SU)?

When friends approached me, I was excited about what a group of alumni could do to support the university. But the more I dug into the convocation's role over the years, the more I saw that things were not going right.

I get upset by injustice; it's as simple as that. And for so long, there has been an open and plain injustice at the convocation. I just decided something had to happen. Something has to change there...

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