The day of the souttert and the boerboon


The day of the souttert and the boerboon

What would be the opposite of ‘royalist'? ELNA VAN DER MERWE is that. She ponders the quiche the British royal couple have chosen for their coronation.

AFTER decades of faithful service at prayer teas and fetes, our humble souttert has now reached the unexpected, unimaginable pinnacle of its existence: chosen by Their Majesties Charlie and Camilla (hereafter C&C Pty Ltd) as the signature dish marking their Big Day.

The reason for their choice of the most boring pie in the entire universe is so that His Royal Boringness is not overshadowed by anything with a bit of bite, a bit of imagination or the slightest element of surprise. The only thing that isn't obvious about The Royal Spinach Tart is that the broad beans should be double-podded. Google shows that's what our grandmothers did in those enamel basins on their laps: shell the beans from their pods and remove the shells.

For obvious reasons, I'm not going to bother posting the recipe here, but feel free to look it up online. Generations of South African men and women will be able to put together the pie by heart. You make or buy pastry, mix milk, cream, eggs, tarragon, spinach, beans and cheddar, pour it into the crust and bake it...

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