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  • 08 September 2023
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Anneliese Burgess:

Microgreens are super easy to grow (and outrageously expensive to buy). Now it's even easier with these growblocks from Livingseeds. You simply pop two of the growblocks into the germination mix in a microgreen tray, sprinkle over your preferred seed (I love the Bulls Blood beetroot and red Russian kale), and 10 days later you have your own microgreens.

And you don’t need a single green finger; this is the easiest (and most satisfying) garden project ever. You can get the seeds and everything else you need couriered.

A pack of eight bricks costs R57.39. The trays and lids are about R20 each. Seed prices vary. Beetroot is R83 for 70 grams.

Get it here.

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Ilse Bigalke:

Wordle and related word games are old news, but they still provide daily entertainment and much-needed brain gym.

Now there is a Wordle for bird watchers, Birdle SA, which provides similar enjoyment. You get five chances to identify a South African bird every day.

The game starts with a blurred photo and five squares where you have to choose the habitat, size, food, function of the feet and finally the identity of the bird from a list of possibilities.

With each row of squares that is completed, the picture becomes clearer. Your winning percentage is adjusted every day. Great fun!

Laureen Rossouw:

I always have a lot to say about people eradicating weeds and unwanted plants with Roundup, while I slyly spray the fat stains on my clothes with Doom then wash them out.

When I finally clicked that using these toxins in your home is just as dangerous, someone told me about baby powder. You sprinkle it on both sides of the fat stain, leave it for a while and wash it off later. The powder draws out the fat and it works like a charm.

Maybe you already know this, but I'm a late bloomer. Today there is a container of baby powder in my closet in place of the Doom.

Ilse Bigalke:

Padel is a relatively new sport in South Africa and I have been watching the construction of three courts next to the Hermanus cricket field for several months — quite a process.

Two weeks ago during walkies with my dog, I saw three women playing on the completed courts and asked if I could join in.

It's a fun mix between tennis and squash and feels a bit like the mini-tennis we used to play between the tee boxes as kids.

The scoring is the same as tennis, but the courts have walls which can be used like in squash, and the racquets are solid and without strings. It's wonderful exercise. Try it!

Here is more information.

Janine Rauch:

Vermouth is everywhere. And we have more and more glorious local versions to choose from.

Like this fabulous, deeply aromatic one from Pienaar & Son distillery. Drink it on its own, over ice or in your favourite cocktail. Endless vermouth summer loading.

R240 a bottle. Order directly from the distillery.


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