Special report | Terrorists, special forces and a string of...


Special report | Terrorists, special forces and a string of unanswered questions

Most countries have intelligence services that work behind the scenes and sometimes run clandestine operations in the national interest. However, when an army uses its special forces to make unwanted immigrants ‘disappear', it borders on hooliganism. ERIKA GIBSON dug deeper after a recent incident that would be more appropriate in a James Bond movie than in the car park of a Midrand shopping centre.

THE whole can of worms emerged in a recent urgent court application by the families of two kidnapped Ethiopian men. One of them was sanctioned and blacklisted by the US last year because of his support for the Islamic State (IS).

Abdella Hussein Abadiga has been living in South Africa since 2009 after being granted asylum as a refugee. After receiving a refugee passport, he apparently continued with his activities in countries such as Syria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The international focus on Abadiga (his surname is Abadigga in his passport) intensified after the US sanctioned him and three other IS suspects and spelled out their financial and other forms of support to IS. The alleged kidnapping happened on December 29 in the Mall of Africa in Midrand...

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