Autophawhat? How new technology can benefit you


Autophawhat? How new technology can benefit you

Autophagy may soon become a buzzword when new technology that can measure the beneficial effects of exercise, certain diets, and fasting on human cells accurately becomes available for purchase. This technology also promises to bring about a revolution in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and cancer, ILSE BIGALKE reports.

AUTOPHAGY, the process by which cells “clean” themselves and that is boosted by exercise, some diets and fasting, is nowadays widely regarded as the answer to achieving a healthier – and longer – life.

This process that removes and recycles unwanted or damaged molecules from living cells is the subject of world-wide research, and work on this cellular process was awarded a Nobel Prize in 2016.

However, the history of research on autophagy dates back much further...

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