Af met die skandelike kortbroek!


Af met die skandelike kortbroek!

Waarom raak normale mense mal as hulle die eerste bietjie somerson op hulle bleek bene voel? vra LIN SAMPSON, wat maar liewer by haar pittige Engels hou om haar ten volle uit te druk.

I DON'T know if you’ve noticed, but when a European tourist decides to make for the sun, she rattles about in her closet, eschewing gloriously made Italian linen trousers and stunning couturier pants in sable colours, and finally finds what she is looking for: a badly made pair of shorts in shades of Day-Glo. In the muddy suck of contemporary fashion, this is the summer garment most cherished, particularly by people with bad legs.

It is an ordinary early spring evening outside the local mall. The alky is crouched by the door with his dog on a string, pools of congealed liquid, one shoe, half a bra. The outskirts of most malls look like archaeological middens with crushed beer cans and litter. Cardboard takeaway cups are looped over the iron fencing that decorates this town, although much of it has been removed.

The ingenuity of removal is quite eye-boggling. Whole fences requiring wire cutters, skips and articulated trucks can be removed in the middle of the day. Unfortunately, the fad for wearing gruesome leisure wear is not so easily dealt with. OK, let me confess: my real hatred is for shorts...

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