Toying with Russia while begging from the West


Toying with Russia while begging from the West

On the same day President Cyril Ramaphosa begged Western nations at the UN climate change conference (COP27) for R1.5 trillion to finance the country's just energy transition, South Africa said it will hold a joint naval exercise with Russia and China. It suits Russia and China's long-term goals of securing a stronger presence in the Indian Ocean and Africa, but a collaboration with the Ukraine aggressor can't hold anything positive for South Africa, writes ERIKA GIBSON.

IT'S ANC ideology over national strategy. That is the only possible explanation. Meanwhile, the red carpet has just been rolled out in Pretoria for the Cuban defence minister.

Elements within the ANC view the friendly relations between South Africa and the West as treason. ANC veteran and national executive committee (NEC) member Tony Yengeni only this week tried to cast Ramaphosa's meetings with Western leaders in Egypt as suspicious. 

But a shocked senior military analyst says in going ahead with the naval exercise, South Africa has grouped itself with likes of North Korea and Iran in giving the West the middle finger...

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